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    The best seamstress factory in Taiwan

    Yu Fong Co., Ltd. started bag manufacturing from owner's wife-Annie Liu's interests. She designed and produce lot's of bicycle bags and won very high reputation in the market. More people were attracted by her quality and customers' positive feedback, it become a power to push owner explan the plant for digesting orders. Yu Fong is also rare bag factory exist in Taiwan now.


    In the moment, price issue become the key for business, bring us a lot of low-quality goods in life. Our concept, make useful and durable products for people, don’t follow the trend of low-quality. Yu Fong takes responsibility on every stage for customers from concept communication to after-sale service. You will be satisfied with good quality and our reasonable price.

    We have experienced pattern makers and skilled seamstress, can provide the suggestion of design, material selection and cost analysis, shorten time from design to mass production. Save unnecessary cost, also increase your efficiency in the market.


    If you are looking for a bag manufacturer, Yu Fong is your best choice.